Rob Dunn - Drums

Rob biog

Rob first got into music through listening to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline with his sister. Then, of course, Radio One came along!

The interest in drums came from Rob's Dad. He always had a pair of drumsticks lying around and would tap out beats on the arm of a chair. Rob's parents bought him a small drum kit for Christmas when he was about fifteen.

Every week, Rob would tape the Chart Show (naughty, naughty! - Ed.) from the radio on a Sunday evening, then play along to the tape in the attic, developing his drumming techniques. He had to cover the drums with a tea towel to deaden the sound for the neighbours!

From there, it was a natural progression for Rob to form a band with his schoolmates. He remembers, "There were so many kids in the late 60's who had a guitar. We used to play the old blues classics and chart songs of the time.".

Rob first read about Free in an article in NME. He used to deliver it on his paper round as a school kid. "I used to sit outside the house that I was delivering it to," he recalls, "and read about all the bands before I pushed it through the letterbox!". (apologies to all customers who received well-thumbed copies of the NME through their doors! - Ed.)

Then, of course, Rob first heard All Right Now in the summer of 1970; it was being played repeatedly whilst he was on holiday at Butlins in Filey with a load of first-year apprentices from work. Rob was instantly hooked by the Free sound, and was suitably outraged when Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime kept All Right Now from reaching the highly coveted number one spot in the charts.

The first Free album that Rob bought was The Free Story, which he still has on vinyl. Songs such as Mr. Big and Fire and Water simply blew him away. He has recently joined the 21st century by updating his record collection with the newly re-mastered Free back catalogue on CD.

Rob says, "It must be over a decade since I teamed up with John to start the Free tribute project. Although we have been through a few different line-ups, the music is always enjoyable and refreshing to play. We all bring something different to the band and get on so well, we're good friends. We have such a good laugh." (I can confirm this! - Ed.)

Rob also has the responsibility of ferrying around not only his own gear but most of Rick's and the band's PA system in his van, which he does without comment or complaint. Freeway are totally and eternally grateful to Rob for this and we hope he knows it.

It goes without saying that the highlight of Rob's time with Freeway has to be touring with Free and Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke. After two successful nationwide tours, Rob has found the time he's spent with Simon inspirational. Rob certainly doesn't mind handing over his drum kit to Simon, "It's just a pleasure to see him play, and it's an honour that he's happy to play on my kit!"

It has to be said that Simon is equally impressed with Rob's drumming - perticularly his stamina for a whole set of non-stop Free classics - "My God," an astonished Simon said (to me! - Ed.), "he just keeps going doesn't he?!" We're very pleased to say that he certainly does.

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