Rick Hunt - Bass

Rick Landscape

It all started for Rick when he bought his first album, Free Live, to play on his first ever stereo. The album was recommended to Rick by his friends who were all listening to the music of Free. Hooked from the very start, Rick set about collecting the rest of Free's back catalogue.

So began a love affair with Free, which lasts to the present day. At first, it was Koss's guitar playing that made a huge impression, however after listening to Free Live countless times, Rick realised that each member of the band was as talented as the others.

Rick began to take more notice of what the band members were doing individually and recognise the special talent that they each had - especially Andy Fraser's inspirational bass lines. Rick remembers, "I was excited by how the bass was such a dominant force within the music, particularly in the live performances."

As happens to many young people who enjoy music, Rick and his friends had aspirations of hitting the big time by forming their own bands. All of his friends got guitars, but Rick noticed early on that no-one was keen on playing the bass guitar or drums. He recalls, "I thought if I bought a bass guitar I could automatically join any band as no-one else had one!" (a cunning ploy! - Ed.).

Eventually, through many splits and a high turnover of band members, there emerged a three-piece band (although the drum kit consisted of biscuit tins, pans and cushions! - Ed.). Rick's mate provided their rehearsal space when his parents were out. Eventually, the guitarist branched out and formed another band which Rick later joined, playing original material and a selection of covers including some Free songs.

Subsequent bands followed until Rick received a phone call from Freeway guitarist John Buckton, asking if he would like to audition for the position of bass player within the band. After auditioning, he was invited to join, however for various reasons he didn't take up the offer until a few years later. Rick says, "Fortunately, I must be doing something right as I'm still a member of the band! Although I may not always be note perfect, (let's face it - when listening to Free's live performances, Andy Fraser rarely played a song the same way twice, it's all part of the experience! - Ed.) I endeavour to play the essential pieces and capture the spirit of how he used to play. I guess you just play how you're feeling at the time. Free certainly did.".

Rick regrets never having seen Free play live. "I never had the opportunity to see Free, just too young I suppose. However, I did manage to catch Bad Company on one of their later tours and also saw Paul Kossoff with Back Street Crawler before his untimely death.".

Rick saw the Andy Fraser Band at Sunderland Locarno in what he describes as "one of the finest concerts I''ve ever seen". Of Andy, Rick says, "He is a supremely talented musician. I just hope he can overcome his personal battles." Rick was thrilled with Andy's glowing endorsement of Freeway ("Sadly, Free can never reform...Freeway are the next best thing. I am so impressed with how you have maintained the integrity of our music." - Andy Fraser, 2007). As Freeway's bass player, it means something extra-special to Rick.

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